Safana Holdings provided the following:
Overall event management and execution at Safari Park Hotel (k)
Secured the conference venue and facilitated all payments to third party vendors on behalf of the client.
Acted as the link between the client and all the vendors.
Sourced and vetted credible service providers/suppliers on behalf of the client.
We sourced for all the gifts and give- a- ways distributed as mementos to all the delegates after the conference.
It was our prerogative to ensure that the conference venue had all the in house conference facilities required to make it a success.
As the overall event coordinators, we handled the hotel accommodation bookings and facilitated payment for the same.
We set up the conference room earlier and put up all the Audio Visual and communication equipment in place and conducted a technical test to ensure that everything was in good working order.
We provided top of the range customer care to the delegates in attendance right from the time they landed at the airport by ensuring that all the transfers to and from the airport were timely and available at all designated arrival and departure times. This included hire of transfer vans from a credible tour operator.
Conducted team building activities during the break off times on each conference day.
We subsequently organized an African Themed dinner for all the delegates who represented various parts of the globe.
Sourced for credible entertainers.
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